After sitting on the finished manuscript for eight and a half years, NWA author BJ Tassin published her Ozark  tale of BONA-FIDE in 2016.  This fictional work was able to quickly reach readers around the globe via some of the largest book distributors on the planet.  Immediately after it's release BJ set out to produce this special audio book of it featuring all new music and songs to match the story.

"There are 3 more companion books in the works; a prequel, sequel and a spin-off story of one of the characters," BJ says.

Narrator Dana Reynolds, a 'bonafide' native of the Arkansas Ozarks, falls easily into her role with this 538 page novel.

Interjecting her entertaining personality, applying her authentic accent and natural storytelling ability, she pairs well with author BJ Tassin's unique style of writing of the 1st book of the BONA-FIDE series.

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