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Back in the 1960's, 10 yr old Sassy lived a cloistered life with her family in an old broken down school bus, hidden back off the dirt roads, nestled deep in the Ozark Mountains.  When her mother falls seriously ill, she and her young siblings set out on foot to find their father and bring him home.

Days later they  end up in the mountainside town of Whisper Ridge, where a host of colorful characters band together to try and help them.

However, not knowing their parents by any name other than mama and daddy presents quite a problem with the search!

Complicating matters, Sassy realizes that she too is known only by her nickname.  

Will she be able to unravel her true identity?

Read along as Sassy discovers what it means to be 'Bona-Fide'.

BONA-FIDE Large Print Edition

1960's, deep in the woods of the Ozarks, 22 miles to the nearest town and 25 miles to the nearest school.  The roads are too long and rough for the school bus and too far to walk to school so it appears the only option for this family was to homeschool.  However, they did live in a school bus but the only school books they have are 2 worn leather bound Bibles and 5 old paperback westerns.

When their Mama takes to her sickbed, 10yr old Sassy and her siblings, Earldean (11), Ed Earl (6) and Learline (2) take out on foot down these back roads to fetch their daddy to come home to help.

Days later they end up in the small mountainside town of Whisper Ridge where a host of colorful characters do their best to help them look for this mysterious man whose children didn't even know his last name!

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After sitting on the finished manuscript for eight and a half years, NWA author BJ Tassin published her Ozark  tale of BONA-FIDE in 2016.  This fictional work was able to quickly reach readers around the globe via some of the largest book distributors on the planet.  Immediately after it's release BJ set out to produce this special audio book of it featuring all new music and songs to match the story.

"There are 3 more companion books in the works; a prequel, sequel and a spin-off story of one of the characters," BJ says.

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Narrator Dana Reynolds, a 'bonafide' native of the Arkansas Ozarks, falls easily into her role with this 538 page novel.

Interjecting her entertaining personality, applying her authentic accent and natural storytelling ability, she pairs well with author BJ Tassin's unique style of writing of the 1st book of the BONA-FIDE series.

Bona-Fide Audio Book

The Bona-Fide Production is an audio book infused with its own original soundtrack and based on the novel Bona-Fide by author BJ Tassin.

This modest Ozark tale, set in the late 1960's, is narrated by Dana Reynolds.  Her deep rooted Ozark dialect and accent make a natural fit for this story's dramatic humor.

It's songs and music were written and performed by some of the Ozark's finest songwriters and artists.

The songs and musical sound effects are precisely placed within the story to bring a whole new level of entertainment to the listener.  This production offers 21+ hours of entertainment all packaged in one audio book.

Listen in, read along, even sing along if you like, as Sassy discovers what it means to be 


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Book no.2
Book no.3
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